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Ch. Shomberg's Wrapped In Sable

Shomberg's Jolly Holly By Golly
(Ch. Shannon's Hearts Afire X Ch. Shomberg's Feather Duster)

June 4, 2009

"Forever cherished, held in love and now deeply missed by Fred & Emily Sloviko and her adopted brother "Buddy". Holly will be forever remembered as the Danbury Mint's choice for depicting the "Eyes of Love" on their GSP plate series. How very appropriate indeed."

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Emily, Buddy & Holly
 Emily with Buddy & Holly.
 Holly on the agility course.
Buddy & Holly
 "Buddy" (left - yes, the well known GSP star from Animal Planet ) and his companion Holly (right - Shomberg's Jolly Holly By Golly). 
Holly painting by Emily Sloviko
Shomberg's Jolly Holly By Golly
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An original oil portrait appropriately named 
Holly On The Oriental
, by artist Emily Sloviko
, has beautifully captured the spirit and the essence of her own beautiful German Shorthair, Holly, in a quiet moment as she lay on a rug in the morning's light. Emily is well known in this area for her exceptional talents in oil portraiture and is featured in numerous local art exhibits and shows where her work is admired and showcased.
This exquisite painting was a labor of love and most surely will be a treasured piece in her collection as the years pass. Holly is the shorthair whose lovely headstudy was chosen by the Danbury Mint to be featured on one of their limited edition plates in a collection devoted to our breed. Emily chose Holly just because she's her special girl and that says it all. 

Holly on the ridge
   Holly on the hill.

I watched as you walked away that day knowing that it would be the last time our eyes met. You disappeared from my sight and I from yours. It wasn't for you to see my passing and so I chose my own time. It would have been too difficult for you both and I have loved you far more than to have you bear that pain. I left silently, softly and peacefully.

Life isn't always kind to us but here in this home I found the very place that God meant for me to be. In your arms and in your gaze I could be far more than a cherished companion. I have been your world and so much more and though it was a beautiful life that you have given me, my time here was ending; my tasks completed.

I will miss the squirrels and the rabbits that I so loved to stalk. The last smile I brought to you on my mornings' end would be a memory for you to know always as my parting "gift." And so it was given with great love among so many others you have come to know over these years together.

There have been others in your life that you have loved and lost. But there were none quite like me by your own admission. It was my purpose to bring you happiness; the beauty in each day. Your brush strokes brought my soul to life on canvas and I never tired of being your perfect model.

Know that I rest now with angels and run the fields of heaven. And though it is far different from the home I shared with you, it is a beautiful place and you would approve. The only things missing are you, the people who loved me beyond words and gave me a life that most could only dream of having.

I'm in the wind every time it brushes across your face. I am in the sunlight that falls through the breezeway windows and I am the silent breath that calms your heart. I am the soft touch that catches a falling tear whenever you think of me and miss my gaze. I am there with you and so I will be always until I am able to greet you once more by Heaven's door.

Rest your saddened heart and know that you gave so much, cared so selflessly and held me even closer when days became hours and hours became minutes and my time with you was drawing to a close. For that I will always watch, follow you and wait for you ... "with eyes of love."

                                      S.D. - 06/2009


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