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Of course, having owned and loved this breed since the 70's, we have many, many pictures of our dogs both in and out of the show ring and the field.  Unfortunately, for reasons beyond our control, we simply don't have pictures of all the dogs, champions and friends we'd like to mention here. Not one of them has been forgotten.

As our collection of online photos grows, you'll want to make this directory page your first stop when looking for a particular shot. There are images throughout the site, and we've placed them where they are to help document a particular time, a particular dog, or just to help illustrate our philosophy and history. The best way to see them all is to tour the whole site! Use the links to the right, though, to jump to specific pages.
Favorite shots of family, friends & dogs
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Our Dogs' Accomplishments

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Specific Dogs

April  Bailey  Bear   Bitte  Feather  Fudge   Holly   Keeper
Marco  Madison   Marcus   Missy   Mocha   Monroe  Monroe 2
Mya  Nash  Noah   Pooh  Sable  Saga  Sophie
Summer   Thurber  Timber  Yager

Pictures From The Field
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Illustrated Guide to Puppy Development
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Where Are They Now? - Pup-ographies
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Our site is littered with pictures,
but if you're looking for pictures of litters,
follow this link.

Just for fun we've posted some photos from the
2002 GSPCA National Specialty Show
in Austin TX.
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Pictures are in no particular order.

Photos from the
2004 GSPCA National Specialty Show in PA.
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