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Here are links to a few sites that we visit regularly, and that we consider indispensable for fans of GSPs, dogs in general, and field sports.

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Our Guest Book Our web site has been on the air since spring of 2001, and we love to hear comments from folks who stop by. Let us know you were here by signing our guestbook!
www.GSPCA.org The GSP parent club web site - don't miss it! Sharon served on the Board of the GSPCA as Southeastern Director for the U.S from 2000 - 2004.
New Beginnings
GSP Rescue
New Beginnings GSP Rescue is devoted to the rescue and re-homing of GSP puppies and dogs who are in need of loving homes. Most of these great dogs find themselves in situations through no fault of their own and Pam has developed a great network and plan for placement. She has devoted her life to making sure that every GSP has the home and family they deserve. We highly recommend that you check this site if you have an interest in opening your home and your heart to a rescued GSP.
www.AKC.org The rich, information-loaded site of the American Kennel Club. The site documents the official breed standard, which you can also see right here on our site.
www.AKC.org The AKC's Beginner's Guide to Dog Shows (Conformation Showing).
Bayville Shorthairs (www.bayvilleshorthairs.com)offers expert handling and field training for the all of the pointing breeds. Scott Edwards of Summerville, SC opens his home and his heart to clients with dogs that are to be trained with love and great care in a famliy home environment; surrounded by other dogs and delightful children who love them. Scott believes in training without the use of harsh methods often used by many "professionals." He has set himself apart in his ability to train and handle dogs because he recognizes that every dog responds to love and responsbible training methods and that they will perform in the field beautifully if allowed to develop at their own rate of maturity both physically and mentally. We highly recommend that you consider Scott if you have an interest in completing AKC field titles with your dog. "Shomberg" dogs are handled exclusively by Scott Edwards, assisted by his talented daughter Sarah in the field and on the course.
www.UplandLife.com A brand new, growing site dedicated to all things upland-related. You'll notice that the site's editors seem to have a pleasant (and completely understandable) bias towards GSPs!
www.InfoDog.com A one-stop resource for show, hunt test, and trial schedules and results.
members.dandy.net/~lulu/ Animal Memorial Cards - A site for those who might care to have their beloved dogs remembered in a very special way.
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