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Ch. Shomberg's Wrapped In Sable
Ch. Shomberg's River Shannon 
September 11, 1995 - November 27, 2004

She is loved and missed beyond words by her "mom," 
Cathe Gossman of VA.

Madison, my love!  You are gone and I miss you so.
I turn the key and listen for your music but only silence comes.
My mind calls out for you but tears flow instead.
Emptiness surrounds me leaving a hole where you once belonged.
I reach out to kiss your sweet face and sadness overflows.
The days we shared were not long enough, but they never would have been.
My joy entwined in yours for a few brief moments in time.
You were a gorgeous, graceful spirit giving your gift of life; a gentle soul.
I know your pain is over now but mine has just begun.
With all my heart I miss you, my little girl.
-- your "mom"

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Ch. Shomberg's River Shannon "Madison" Ch. Shomberg's River Shannon ("Madison"), Marco's sister and Best of Winners at the Old Dominion KC Northern VA., 1998. Owned and loved by Cathe Gossman.
 Madison takes a stroll outside 
in her warm coat during 
one of the snows in beautiful VA.
Owned and loved dearly by Cathe Gossman of VA.

Ch. Shomberg's River Shannon ("Madison," Ch. Shannon's Hearts Afire x Ch. Shomberg's Feather Duster) taking Winner's Bitch under judge Paula Nykiel, at Bucks County Kennel Club, 1997. Madison is owned, loved & spoiled by Cathe Gossman, and shown here by Steve Dattilio.

Madison -
Having given so much happiness to each of us in your lifetime, there is one special bond that continues on and always will.  For she has loved and lost you far too soon. The heart is so delicate
when broken and yet so faithful in treasured love. 

With every tear that falls, a kiss and quiet moments seem to erase the distance to heaven and back again. 

There never was and never will be another quite like you for her. 

Life continues on its journey and takes the heart along in ways not always understood. 

If not for you, it would have been without knowing truly 
selfless love, quiet devotion and unlimited joy in each and every day.