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Ch. Shomberg's Wrapped In Sable
Saturday, March 17, 2007
Franklin, MA

Shomberg's T Minus Ten 'N Counting "Spirit"
(BIS/BISS Ch.Sonnenschein's Causin' A Spectacle JH 
Shomberg's Katja Bthe Heartstrings)

"Spirit made her obedience trial debut in the Novice B ring in Franklin, MA today. She qualified in third place out of 17 dogs competing with a score of 190. She only missed 2nd by ˝ point! I am very proud of this dog. There were lots of nice compliments on our round by people at the trial. She even got a very nice award for “Highest Scoring German Shorthaired Pointer in Trial. Take Care – We’re off to celebrate!" -- Marna, Mike & "SPIRIT" 

Bred by Steve & Sharon
Owned and loved by Marna & Mike Johnson of CT
Trained exclusively by Marna

We extend our sincere "Congratulations" to Marna & Mike for the opprotunities they give to this wonderful dog.
We are extremely proud!

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