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November 2008

Beautiful solid liver male puppy 
from the "Shomberg Open Litter" now available.
(Born January 7, 2008)
Caddy Caddy
Caddy Caddy
Caddy Click any image for a larger view.
Caddy Caddy  
Caddy came home after a brief stay with a family that found him to be a more active puppy than they had expected him to be. The family already has a 2-year-old toddler in the home, and the addition of a new puppy meant that daily routines became even more challenging. Unfortunately, adequate time and attention could not be focused on either baby or puppy and neither could receive the attention and quality time they each deserved.

In such a situation we felt it necessary, as responsible breeders, to offer to bring Caddy "home" and place him with a new family. Our intent was to give his former owners the time needed to raise their child without the added constraints of raising a new puppy too. And, our hope for all our puppies is to place them in an environment that will allow them to grow and develop happily.

Caddy is a very happy and outgoing GSP puppy; extremely intelligent and capable of learning quickly. He has a very loving temperament and gets along very easily with people and other dogs. He would be suited to a couple or a family with older children who have the time and the love to work with him and allow him to become a valued family member.

At his young age he exhibits a great amount of natural, instinctive ability that could be channeled into a great gundog as he matures. His conformation is beautiful and correct and should his new owner/owners choose to participate, he could easily earn his AKC Championship title in the show ring. But, that is neither a requirement nor expectation for ownership.
He is developing into an extraordinary boy, very handsome and available to a special home that will love him unconditionally and allow him to meet his potential.

We would simply like to find Caddy a "forever home" where he would be loved and appreciated for the wonderful GSP puppy that he is and the truly exceptional adult he will become.

All vaccinations are complete and a health certificate is available. Homes with a serious interest in this beautiful puppy are invited to contact us by e-mail or phone @ 301-797-7718.

Priority will be given to a home where he will be provided with love, excellent care, and be included as a family member. 

Please contact us at shomberg2@aol.com
 for additional information.

Serious inquiries are invited.

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