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Diane and Paul would like to introduce "Lance" and "Vera"
from the Annie/Marco "Echoes" litter.
"We are so excited about the puppies that two of these puppies will be joining our family permanently. We have high expectations for them as they mature and begin their show careers ~ what a delight they are ... high energy - happy - healthy puppies ... true GSP's! "
Diane & Paul (DiPauls)

Read more about this litter here.

Updates on Vera and Lance - February 2004
Lance and Vera
Here is a picture of Lance and Vera at 
age 5-1/2 months -- Vera is on the right
(with purple collar).
Lance, at 5-1/2 months, 
is growing up and 
looking more and more 
like his Dad "Marco"!


Vera at age 5-1/2 months

Lance at 4 months.

The pups have been "re-named" and are pictured below 
at 13 weeks of age.
DiPauls Echoes On The Wind ~ "Lance" (formerly Bernie)

DiPauls Echoes Of The Storm ~ "Vera" (formerly Lena)

"Vera" is short for "Guinevere" and "Lance" is short for "Lancelot" 
(We call them Vera & Lance)

The rest of the pups are now settled in their new homes 
and are listed, by name, below:

DiPauls Echoes Of The Pines - "Charlie" (kept the name Charlie) - 
now lives in Westlake, Ohio

DiPauls Echoes Of Moher - "Callaway" (formerly Freddie) - 
now lives in Fairview Park, Ohio

DiPauls Echoes From The Glen - "Siegfried" (formerly Jimmy) - 
now lives in Akron, Ohio

DiPauls Echoes Of The Heart - "Jojo" (formerly Joey) - 
now lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia

DiPauls Lyndon's Echo Otto - "Otto" (formerly Marty) - 
now lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Watch for Charlie, Siegfried & Otto in the Show Ring!

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