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Tierney/Aspen 2004 Litter 
 Born March 21st

The Gods Have Smiled!

Honeybriar GSPs, Shomberg & Snowy River are thrilled to announce the arrival of 12 beautiful puppies on Saturday March 20, 2004.
Ch. Snowyriver 'N Shomberg A of Del ("Aspen") X
Ch. Shomberg N Partrdge Run Pinup Girl JH ("Tierney")
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Ch. Snowyriver 'N Shomberg A of Del ("Aspen") Click for recent updates and pictures!
Ch. Shomberg N Partrdge Run Pinup Girl JH ("Tierney")


Tierney is OFA Good, CERF normal,
Thyroid normal and Cardiac echo-doppler normal/clear.
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in Shomberg News!

Tierney is out of our Shomberg line and is owned and loved by Brenda Rhodes of Honeybriar Acres. Inquiries about Tierney's litter should be directed to:
Brenda Rhodes
Honeybriar Acres
891 Hatchery Road
Inwood, WV 25428


4/25/2004 - The litter, pictured at right, with Leesy (in all her glory). The pups are now just over a month old, and thriving.

4/5/2004 - "The puppies all have their eyes open now. Most are starting to walk and express themselves with little barks. They are very content pups, and they sleep most of the time except when eating. I am feeding Tierney anything and everything she will eat. She is holding her own in the mothering category. She actually is a fantastic mother. Most of the pups are already starting to lap milk from a dish, so I am feeding them some to help Tierney out.

We finally came up with a litter theme of Ancient Mythology and have named all 12 puppies. The names are: Celeno, Electra, Maia, Taygete (these 4 are daughters of Atlas and became stars in the sky), then there is Venus, Vesta, and Hera. The boys are Atlas, Titan, Apollo, Zeus, and finally Vader. The name Vader is not mythological, except in Star Wars. Vader is the one Rich will be keeping, and he is indeed named after Darth Vader. He will most likely be solid liver and his registered name will probably be Honeybriar's Annikan's Dark Vader, or just Honeybriar's Dark Vader." -- Brenda Rhodes, Honeybriar Acres

Below are some shots from the pups' first day or two, as well as a 4/11/2004 photo of some of the pups at their first meal of gruel - they're all eating very well.

Puppy Pile Mmm! Gruel
Puppy Pile Tierney Nursing

3/21/2004 - "Puppies are born and have all weighed in at approx. 15 oz. at birth and all are active, healthy and doing extremely well. Tierney gave birth to 7 Females and 5 Males (3 liver, white & ticked bitches, 2 liver, white & ticked males -- 4 solid liver bitches and 3 solid liver males)

Unfortunately this long anticipated arrival did not go without some very serious and tense moments for Tierney and everyone who loves her. A c-section to deliver all of these healthy puppies also gave way to 24 hours of dedicated care by Brenda and a complete team of veterinary staff to move her safely through some traumatic occurrences as well.

The outcome appears to have been successful at this time but is not without a need for un-ending prayer, and to that end we thank God who has given Tierney to all of us to love and enjoy and cherish.

We all continue to support Tierney and Brenda & Rich in the days and weeks ahead. It is an exciting yet humbling experience and we are all relieved to know that everyone is now doing well and that these newborn wonders will provide many smiles and moments of joy in the months and years ahead.

Knowing how excited everyone will be to hear the news, we also ask that you allow Brenda and Tierney some quiet time to get some much needed rest and settle into a routine. With 12 little ones to care for they will both need our support, our understanding and our patience.

Brenda will surely be in touch with everyone after some much needed rest. Please allow her some time before making phone calls to inquire about Tierney and her puppies.

Thank you so much for your understanding during this time." -- Sharon Dattilio, Shomberg GSPs


3/16/2004 - "Well ... it appears that we have good news to report.
An x-ray taken on 03/15 indicates that Tierney has quite a few
"muffins in the oven" that will surely provide excitement and work for Brenda and Rich in the weeks ahead. Approximately 12+ little heads and spines were visible and everyone was surprised to see the films and hear the news. Brenda and Rich are likely still somewhat in shock.

Tierney is doing wonderful and seems to be feeling great. She is healthy and eating everything in sight and who could wonder why!!
Both Honeybriar and Shomberg families are excited about the prospect of so many beautiful, healthy babies arriving very soon.
The announcement of their birth will be listed here on the website so ... stay tuned and check in to find out when, how many and the colors. How exciting!-- Sharon Dattilio, Shomberg GSPs


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