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"Devlin had a really good 2005, and we expect he'll have an even better 2006. He earned multiple titles this year: CDX (Feb - 193.5, 193 and 195, 1st and 2nd place), NAJ (June - 2 firsts and a second place), NA (July - 2 firsts and a second, finishing with a 1st place in a blazing 30.12 seconds UNDER course time!), and OA (October - 3 first places). He needs only one leg to complete his OAJ (so far one 1st, one 2nd) .

Devlin will start showing in utility in 2006, with the goal of completing his UD, and going on to start earning OTCh points. Hed like to try for a SH, too (we are skipping junior), as well as finish his open jumpers title. 

He also wants to go pheasant hunting again soon. We went, a first for us both, a few weeks ago. Dev found and pointed 2 of the 3 birds that were shot, hunting with 2 much more experienced dogs." 
-- Beth Cochran
Steve and Sharon are extremely proud of 
the accomplishments of this "team."

"Always knowing that a dog can only achieve titles in areas that he is exposed to and trained for, there is absolutely no denying that Devlin and Beth have made us proud beyond words as they showcase Marco's ability to produce dogs that can truly do everything possible in many different venues. 

We are sincerely proud and very appreciative of all the hard work and say 'Thank you' to Beth for loving this wonderful dog so very much."
-- Sharon & Steve Dattilio

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