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Ch. Shomberg's Wrapped In Sable

Canning's Gamble von Shomberg CDX, CGC  ("Pooh")
our beautiful "Pooh Bear" 
June 21, 1986 - July 5, 2003
Leesy with her beloved Pooh on his 16th birthday.
Leesy with her beloved Pooh on his 16th birthday.

"Rest well dear Pooh, until we all meet again."

And for our dearest Leesy, whose heart is broken. She has made the ultimate sacrifice in allowing her very special boy to go back to his creator where he surely waits for her. He was so special ... just as Leesy is.
With our love,
Sharon & Steve
and the "family" of SHOMBERG GSPs
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Pooh as a puppy
Young Pooh in the ring
Pooh and Leesy
Pooh in the pool
Pooh-Bear "Pooh-Bear" (Ch. Shomberg's Imperial Delegate x Canning's Primary Victory) 1995. Owned and loved by Leesy McDonnell. "Pooh," at 17, has been one of the longest lived Shomberg dogs.
"Pooh-Bear" in his prime.
Pooh and Leesy at the pond
Leesy and Pooh at the pond.
The Pooh Tree
The Pooh Tree
Forever will I miss you now
Though we both came to know
The quiet love and years we've shared
Would somehow surely slow 

For me it was a lifetime
For you, not nearly so
But in the quiet of your arms
You bid me, bid me ... "go"

My frail and weary body
Has traveled this last time
This journey was a trip of love
And you have made it mine

Remember how I've made you laugh
The friends you met through me
And do not think that I am gone
For I will wait for thee

I'm resting now in Heaven's grass
Where gentle breezes blow
I've laid within the lap of God
I feel His love , you know

Forever's really just a space
A place for me to wait
Until I see your face again 
As you walk through the "Gate"

I'll be the one who's running
You'll know......you'll see it's me
I'll watch until your day has come
And through your tears you'll see
That you and I will share God's gift
... of all eternity.
S.D. 7/6/03
Pooh and Leesy in the ring
Pooh dressed as a lion
Pooh dressed as a lion for Halloween 
and a Trick Or Treat Party where he 
won a prize!
Pooh as a lion on Halloween
Pooh Bear
Leesy's Pooh-Bear pictured here, in February 2003, 
at 16 years and 8 months old.
Leesy's dogs.
Winter 2003.  
From left: Timber 7 1/2 yrs, 
Pooh-Bear (center), 16 yrs, 
and Winnie, 14 yrs.
Pooh's Christmas Card
Pooh-Bear's Christmas Card.
The Pooh Tree
The Pooh Tree
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