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Ch. Shomberg's Wrapped In Sable
Shomberg's Epic Saga
(Ch. Shomberg's Browning Citori x Ch. Starlite's Calamity Jane)

June 27, 2001 - January 2, 2016

Companion and Family Member
Loved by Matt & Mary Laur

We are forever grateful that Saga graced our lives,
and though we have over 14 years of wonderful memories
to keep him near, we will miss him always. ~ Mary & Matt
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Way back in 2001, we waited - almost as if pregnant ourselves - for Steve and Sharon Dattilio's latest litter of magnificent German Shorthaired Pointers to greet the world. We visited regularly in those early weeks of puppyhood, getting to know the pups and wondering which of the boys would come home with us. We held those tiny beings as they slept, helped to feed them and clean up their messes, and made it our business to bond a bit with each, since we hoped for a long life with one of them.

To our delight, we brought home our big boy, Saga. Through him we were introduced to the world of upland bird hunting and the people, places, gear, dogs and tall tales that make up that timeless culture. For me, his intense presence in that world re-ignited my love of photography. And with his help, we met people who would become dear friends, went places and did things we'd never done before, and had a chance to marvel at an animal so beautifully suited to his built-in passions that he kept taking our breath away year after year.

As a retired old gentleman, he kept the household in order (especially the kitchen), kept us laughing, and kept us walking and looking out for rabbits on every stroll. He never ceased to signal his devotion to us, and his pleasure at our devotion to him. The summer of 2001 usually seems so long ago, but tonight it seems like yesterday. Our sweet old boy gave it his all through the holidays, and made it to this morning's bright sunny sky and crisp air - his favorite kind of weather. I hope Shakespeare wouldn't mind a few liberties with Horatio's words.

Now rests a noble heart. Good night, sweet prince
And coveys of quail sing you to your rest!
                            ~ Matt Laur
Saga, September 2, 2001
Saga and Mary Saga and Mary
Saga on NYE 2012 Saga on New Years Eve 2012
Saga Saga
"Shomberg's Epic Saga"
Original acrylic portrait
by Emily Sloviko.

Our beloved Saga is so beautifully portrayed in this painting, by talented artist, Emily Sloviko. We became part of the Shomberg German Shorthair Pointer family over 15 years ago when we brought our boy Saga, our first, into our lives. Sharon & Steve Dattilio have become dear friends over these many years. They honored us with this beautiful original portrait of our boy. We cherish the painting, our friendship, and are so touched by this lovely gift. Sincerest thanks Sharon, Steve, and Emily.
Saga Saga's birthday 2015
Saga and Matt
Matt with Saga at 9 months old.

Saga and Regan Saga and Regan
Saga and Mary
Saga and Mary
Saga in VA
Saga Saga indulging Mary with a kiss
Saga on point, 2007
Christmas 2006
Saga clearing a fallen tree, at