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Shomberg Puppy Placement Practices  

If You Have To Ask...
...then you're already on the right track. We take the process of placing puppies just as seriously as we do the breeding itself, and frankly, we consider inquisitive and thoughtful prospective owners to be the best sort. Every Shomberg litter comes after considerable forethought, investment, and planning on our part, and we want folks who are seeking a new puppy to understand that it's our experience and expectations, as much as the puppy, that are part of the purchase.

We don't breed nearly as many puppies as some people would expect (or wish) that we might. That makes the process of matching puppies to owners both simpler and more complex in different ways. For some more depth on how we approach that process and the nature of our involvement in raising the pups to be your new family members, please read our comments on our puppy placement philosophy. In fact, we'd ask that you read that document and this one both in their entirety before talking to us about puppies. Doing so will help to make sure that we're all on the same page, and discussing the same concepts when we explore the possibilities of placing a puppy with you.

Some Questions That Will Come Up When You Show Interest In A Shomberg Dog
• What is the structure of the family with whom the pup will live?

• What is the general lifestyle of the family?

• Will the pup be an only pup or will it live with other dogs?

• What prior dog experience does the family have?

• Is this the family's first German Shorthair?

• How will the puppy be housed?

• How will the puppy be socialized?

• What kind of supervision will the puppy have while in its developmental stages?

• What is the environment in which the puppy will live and be raised?

• What, if any, structured training, field work, or other activities will the family practice with the puppy?

• How will the puppy be exercised?

• What health/veterinary habits does the new family practice for their dogs?

• Is the new family willing to exchange references and contacts?

So, What Does Shomberg Want To Know?
Too much to completely describe here! In fact, we don't want to give you the impression that there is a specific list of yes/no questions and answers that add up to, or not, our placing a puppy. We certainly have a round of preliminary topics of discussion that almost always start things off (see the examples to the right). The many things that inevitably come up once we start talking will drive the next things that we want to discuss. Everybody, and every puppy, is different!

Some Things We Do & Don't Do
We do not place puppies and dogs as breeding stock. The health tests we maintain on our dogs include: OFA, cardiac, thyroid, and CERF, and we request the same from any prospective breeding inquiry. We place our "companion" dogs on AKC Limited Registrations with a neuter/spay agreement. We request the opportunity to evaluate any puppy or dog on regular intervals, especially if they are placed with the intent to compete for AKC titles. We request that new owners maintain contact with us throughout periods and levels of competition, and that our advice is given primary consideration throughout. We have been breeding and placing German Shorthaired Pointers for over 40 plus years, and we encourage our owners, new and old, to rely on our experience to answer questions and discuss any concerns. We feel we have a great deal of knowledge to offer as a benefit to new owners, and many lifelong valued friendships have developed as a direct result of our puppy placement practices.

We consider ourselves to be a most important resource and support system throughout the dog's lifetime, and it's never a bother or an inconvenience to be contacted for help or input when it concerns our dogs and their well-being. All puppies are placed with contracts, which guarantee that, to the best of our knowledge, the puppy is in good health and free of genetic disorders. We make every effort to see that new owners are well matched with puppies that meet their hopes and expectations. We expect that the pup's new home will meet its every need, but we also know that our carefully matched new owners will fall in love with the breed. Once you've lived with one of these wonderful dogs, you'll understand why we're so careful about where we send them to spend their entire lives.

So, What Next?
If you have an interest in a Shomberg puppy now, or feel that you might in the future, please feel welcome to contact us. We can tell you about our breeding program and specific breedings that we have planned in the year ahead. We are always happy to answer questions about the breed in general, and invite you to learn more about these wonderful dogs that own our hearts.

Occasionally we are asked to recommend other breeders when we don't have a litter available. It is not our intention to discredit other ethical and well-respected GSP breeders. However, we do caution people to be "informed consumers" and if you contact other breeders, ask for their credentials within the breed. Ask questions such as: how long they've been in the breed? What titles they have put on their own dogs? What health clearances have their dogs passed prior to breeding (that is - OFA, Cardiac, Thyroid, CERF, etc.)? what do they guarantee in writing upon purchase? And of course, ask for personal as well as previous puppy buyer references (names, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and so on), and ask if they are on the GSPCA National Breeder Referral List. If you don't get good answers or if they say these things aren't necessary - beware! We often tell folks to remember that "there are ethical breeders and then, there are people who breed dogs." There is a difference! We absolutely will not refer prospective buyers to people that we would not consider as a source for ourselves.

So, you've read this document, as well as more about our placement philosophy, and you want to talk to us? We're interested in hearing from you, too!

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