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The Shomberg Puppy Placement Philosophy  

Just Pick One, Right?
In years past, the breeding of purebred dogs was not nearly as refined as it is today. Long gone are the days when people were allowed to look into a pen containing an entire litter of puppies and decide which one they'd like to take home. People often had very unique ways of determining which puppy
  "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."  
  -Ben Williams  
best suited them - usually based on supposedly educated, handed-down theories, and, more often, superstition. We've all heard that "the runt is tougher because he or she had to fight to live," "the shy one will be quiet and submissive," "the aggressive puppy will be more protective of the kids," or the ever popular, "the one that untied my shoe laces just stole my heart."

Today, reputable longtime breeders have developed far better and more precise ways to evaluate their litters, with an eye towards determining which puppy is best suited to a particular home and owner or family. Conscientious breeders make the effort to know each and every puppy and what makes them special, the better to know what makes each puppy right for the new family whose lives it will share. It's an awesome responsibility for any breeder, but one that must be welcomed and accepted - long before any breeding is done - as a part of the commitment to breeding dogs.

People looking to become a part of our waiting list should understand that we take our breeder responsibilities very seriously. Hopefully, prospective owners are drawn to us because of our dedication, and because we raise our puppies with such care and love. They are our number one priority from birth, and for the next eight weeks of their lives, and rightfully so. Read more about our puppies' first 8 weeks of life in our article Learning To Positively Imprint The GSP Puppy.

Actually, The Puppy Picks You (with a little help)
The pups getting a yogurt treat. We spend considerable time and effort raising each litter, and prior to their finding loving owners, no one will come to know each puppy more closely than us. During the first four weeks of the puppies' lives, Sharon acts as their human guardian, staying only steps away at all hours of the day and night, and listening for every little sound they make. Sharon holds them and assures them with voice and touch, lets them know how much they are loved, and watches them as they take those first wobbly steps and dip their noses into puppy gruel for their first ever taste of dog food.

It's this nearness and constant observation of their entire development that makes us aware of each puppy's special characteristics. Such a direct familiarity with the entire litter enables us to provide the best possible guidance in matching up puppy and owner. When the time comes to welcome their new family member into their lives, new owners can be assured that they're taking home a puppy that will thrive in their care. We want new owners to truly understand that our ultimate goal is to see that both owner and puppy are happy for life. The hard work, sleepless nights, and even having to part with such sweet pups is actually a source of great happiness because of our dedication to making such successful puppy-family connections.

We feel it's important to clarify that when it comes time to match puppies with owners, we do not line up the pups as good-better-best, and don't rank potential owners as first pick, second pick, etc. based on who's been waiting the longest or any similar status. Rather, we choose to get to know the individuals who want to take our puppies home - we get to know their lifestyles, the activities they enjoy, and the expectations they have for this new little creature in their lives. Our limited number of breedings allows us the luxury of being very selective in choosing just the right homes for every dog. We do not have an ironclad list of yes/no issues when screening potential owners, but there are a number of considerations we will always bring up as we get to know you. For more on that subject, be sure to read about our puppy placement practices. Those considerations are our responsible and loving commitment to making sure that new owners will be providing for the pup, without reservation, all of life's basic comforts and needs.

Are There Ever "Leftover" Puppies?
There are no "leftovers" here at Shomberg and no puppy is considered less than exceptional in his or her own right. In evaluating puppies within a litter, we make sure to consider every aspect of personality, conformation, activity level, health and overall quality. We want each new owner to feel that when we suggest a particular puppy for them, that we've taken into account what we've learned about their needs and expectations. That's what goes into making a perfect fit.

We know that every potential new owner has an ideal puppy in mind, and we'd never make anyone take a puppy that they don't want. We do ask that buyers remain open to considering a puppy more for its personality and temperament than its coloration or gender. Of course we try to accommodate a person's preference for gender and coloration when possible, but Mother Nature isn't always so agreeable and often we have more or less of a particular color or sex. Likewise, there are certain puppies that might be better suited for specific activities such as conformation, hunt tests, obedience, agility and hunting upland game. Special consideration is given to areas of particular interest and competition venues in which people choose to participate. If a prospective buyer absolutely cannot accept a puppy because of strongly held personal preferences, then we will always respect the decision to decline the puppy.

Supply and Demand
If someone makes a decision to have their name placed on our waiting list, it will remain until they ask to have it removed. If we cannot accommodate a buyer waiting for a current breeding, they are welcome to consider a future breeding that might be planned. If that isn't agreeable, we'll be most happy to refer interested buyers to another respected and ethical breeder who might be able to assist with a puppy from a litter they have bred.

We ask that new and prospective owners never feel that they are bothering us when asking questions or inquiring about the breed in general. We enjoy sharing the knowledge that we've gained over the past 40+ years. Loving these dogs as we do, helping you to understand them and appreciate them is a labor of love. We are dedicated to ensuring that your puppy will live a long and happy life with you, and that you'll come to love the breed as we have. Watching people's eyes light up when they hold their puppy for the first time is simply what we love.
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