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 F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)
We get asked a lot of questions! When we hear the same question often enough, we figure it's time to answer the next person before they even ask. Below, in no particular order, and mostly related to puppies, litters, and ownership issues, are some of the topics we are most often asked to address. Please note that in many cases we don't fully answer each question here on this page, but link you to the areas of this site where there's more detailed information on the topic.

Q: Where is Shomberg located and how can I contact you?
A: To find out how to contact us, and where we're located, see our Contact Us page..

Q: Do you have any puppies for sale?
A: We are committed to producing only the best German Shorthairs we can, and with specific goals in mind for each breeding, we plan them well in advance. Shomberg breedings are listed here on our web site with subsequent updates on due dates and litter follow up. If you are interested in a Shomberg puppy please introduce yourself by contacting us via email.

Q: Do you have a waiting list?
A: Since we are nationally recognized within the GSP breed and our name is also known internationally, we have waiting lists for every breeding. However, the fact that names exist on our waiting list doesn't always indicate that every puppy is considered "spoken for" until we have screened applicants and the new owner/family meets our requirements for puppy placement. We have had folks, for a number of reasons, that ask to be placed on our list well in advance of getting a puppy and with the expectation of getting a puppy at a certain time in the future.

Q: Where am I on your waiting list?
A: Please read our Puppy Placement Philosophy page to understand our "waiting list."

Q: Do you require new owners to have a fenced in yard?
A: Please read about Shomberg's considerations for our puppies' new homes on our Puppy Placement Practices page.

Q: Do you do health screening on the sire and dam?
A: All dogs and bitches living here and used in any part of our breeding program are screened for health clearances. Dogs owned by other breeders and used as stud dogs for approved bitches must also have their health clearances in place prior to any breeding. Screenings include: OFA (hips), CERF (eyes), Cardiac (Heart), OFA/Echo Doppler (Board certified cardiologist), Thyroid.

Q: How much do your puppies cost?
A: Folks interested in buying a puppy should realize that the initial cost of buying a puppy is just a small part of their extended expense involved in raising a healthy, happy dog.

A dedicated breeder incurs expenses that typically include the basic cost of keeping and raising dogs (such as feeding, housing, and veterinary care), show and club fees, home office and business expenses, travel expenses (such as vehicle wear, fuel and maintenance), lodging and food, and other ancillary expenses (everything from leads and collars to grooming and care products).

Breeding costs can involve stud fees, transportation of sire or dam, reproduction specialists, collection and use of chilled or frozen semen, overnight shipment expenses and additional testing, surgical, and technical procedures.

Once the puppies are born, 24-hour care is given to the litter, which includes additional veterinary expenses and hands-on nurturing and socializing for each puppy.

Pedigree, overall quality, temperament, instinctive ability and adherence to the AKC standard are the considerations given to each breeding here at Shomberg. We ask the same price for each of our puppies regardless of whether they are sold as show or companion dogs.

Q: Do you ever have adult dogs to place?
A: There are occasions when we do have older dogs that we consider placing in great homes for various reasons. In the past, we have placed dogs and bitches that for one reason or another may not be placed in our breeding program, but who have who have achieved their AKC championship titles. We have also placed juvenile dogs and bitches that simply do not conform to the GSP standard due to size or a change in their conformation. Since this does not in any way affect their ability to be wonderful family members and companions we choose to give them a family instead of pursuing AKC titles.

Q: Do you sell dogs for breeding purposes?
A: We do not place puppies and dogs to be used for "breeding stock." Occasionally we do have other well known GSP breeders and exhibitors who contact us for a puppy that might eventually be placed in their own nationally recognized breeding programs after appropriate titles are achieved. However this is an agreement with those breeders specifically and not a consideration for us in any other situation. Puppies placed as "companions" are required to be spayed/neutered as per our written contract.

Q: Is the solid liver color normal?
A: It is indeed. Certainly there are more ticked, roan, and patched dogs than there are solid liver dogs, but some GSP owners have a particular fondness for the liver dogs. The breed standard addresses the color issue, but we think that a picture is worth a thousand words. We love them all!