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More of our favorite photos. Enjoy!
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"Some of us will do anything for a treat." Ch. Shombergs Ltd. Edition ("Bear"). Owned by Wendy & Jammie Shanholtz.
Leesy and Holly
Leesy McDonnell and Shomberg's Jolly Holly By Golly ("Holly") pictured at their 1st Junior Hunter leg at the Mason-Dixon GSP Club Hunt Test, March 1999, at the McKee-Besher National Wild Life Preserve, Seneca, MD.
Pooh-Bear "Pooh-Bear" (Ch. Shomberg's Imperial Delegate x Canning's Primary Victory) 1995. Owned and loved by Leesy McDonnell. "Pooh," at 17 years old, has been one of the longest lived Shomberg dogs.
Leesy and Pooh
Leesy with her beloved Pooh-Bear just after celebrating his 16th birthday.
Pooh Bear
Leesy's Pooh-Bear pictured here, in February 2003, at 16 years and 8 months old.
Leesy's Winnie at 14 years old.
Aspen winning his first BOB
"Aspen" Ch. Snowy River N Shomberg A Of Del (Ch. Ruann's Batteries Not Required x Ch. Shomberg's Snowy RiverJH, CGC) 
Bred by Leesy McDonnell (Snow River GSPs), and Sharon (Shomberg) Handled by Peggy Roush, PHA
Shomberg's Ima Keeper Too "Timber" Shomberg's Ima Keeper Too ("Timber") owned by Leesy McDonnell, Snowy River GSP's.
Ch. Snowy River Hop Skip N Jump
Ch. Snowy River Hop Skip N Jump having a blast with flyball.  Owned by Judy Karakawa.
Diplomat's Winsome Kay ("Kay," Ch. Adam's Diplomat x Stephen's Gabby Greta) Dam of Ch. Shomberg's Imperial Delegate and A/C Ch. Shomberg's Shadow of the Ram A/C CD. Bred by Steve and Sharon owned and loved by Connie Chiasson.
Perspective from eight year old Caitlin.
"Caitlin Simpson (8 years) shared her excitement and her perspective on getting her new "family member." Click here to see all the pages of Caitlin's drawings and writings. We should all be able to look at the special times in our lives through the eyes of a child. They speak simply and eloquently in their own special way. We were touched by her thoughts and wanted to share them."
Shomberg's River Country ("Bailey"), owned & loved by Jim & Paul Dougherty of Harrisburg, PA.
The Dougherty familey
Paula & Jim Dougherty with the "kids" (Paula w/ Bailey & Jim w/Mitzy).

Jim Dougherty of PA with his Mitzi and 
new addition, "Heiden," 
aka, Shomberg's Let The Games Begin.
Obviously though Heiden was named for Olympic Winter speed skating champion, Eric Heiden, we could also have named him "Spitz" too. Looks as if he is quite the swimmer!
Mitzy and Heiden
  Mitzi and Heiden
Mitchum and Sean McElgin
Sean McElgun and his buddy "Mitchum", who seems to be saying, "I vant to ki-i-i-ss your ne-e-e-eck." Shorthairs and kids make an unbeatable combination !!

Just how many shorthair pups will fit into a computer paper box?
"Just how many shorthair pups will fit into a computer paper box?"
Bitte Shomberg's Little Bitte Love ("Bitte."), owned & loved by Shelly, Stu, Nicole & Rene Parks.
Bitte (Shomberg's Little Bitte Love). Bitte shares her bed w/Hattie and Aggie (her Jack Russell "sisters").
Ch. Snowy River 'N Shomberg Ambler "Ash" JH, on point.
Leesy and April
Leesy with new Junior Hunter Ch. Shomberg's Snowy River ("April.")
Leesy and Holly
 Leesy and Holly again at the Mason-Dixon GSP Club Hunt Test, with a close up of Holly.
Leesy's dogs.
Winter 2003.  From left: Timber 7 1/2 yrs, Pooh-Bear (center), 16 yrs, and Winnie, 14 yrs.
Baby Ash enjoying his mealtime.
Ch. Snowy River 'N Shomberg Ambler "Ash" (Ch. Ruann's Batteries Not Required "Hank" x Ch. Shomberg's Snowy River JH "April")
at 4 weeks old enjoying mealtime.
Ash napping in the bed
Ch. Snowy River 'N Shomberg Ambler "Ash" napping in the bed.
Ch. Shomberg's Wrapped In Sable ("Sable"), loved and spoiled by Connie Chiasson.  Sable has such a beautiful head that we used this photo for the head study in the left-hand border of this web site.
Shomberg N Partrde Run Sunset Blvd "Yager" (formerly Holden in the "hollywood litter") is loved and owned, in Macedonia, OH, by Mark, Sheila and now the newest addition to the Raia family, Timothy Joseph (3/22/02).
Skeet & Lucy
Shomberg 'N Partrdge Run Toast Of NY ("Skeet" - left) with Lucy (GSP Rescue). Loved & owned by Lisa Heisey of Mercersburg, PA.
Shomberg N Partrdge Run Toast of NY ("Skeet," Ch. Shomberg's Browning Citori x Ch. Starlite's Calamity Jane). Originally named "Cary Grant" ... hence the registered name. But the new girl in his life, Lisa Heisey, renamed him and he enjoys life in the PA countryside with Lucy, a GSP rescue who is his best buddy.
Shomberg's Toast Of NY, aka "Skeet"
(Ch. Shomberg's Browning Citori x Ch. Starlite's Calamity Jane)
Skeet is Monroe's brother and is loved, owned and terribly spoiled by Lisa Heisey of PA.
Ch. Riverside Drive JH
Ch. Riverside Drive JH, aka "Driver" (born 1997) 
(Ch. Shannon's Hearts Afire x Ch. Riverside Mocha Von Shomberg JH)
"Driver" is the son of our dear Mocha and was bred and is owned and loved by Bob Keegan
of Riverside GSPs in FL.
Gable Shomberg 'N Partrdge Run Lead'n Man ("Gable"). Bah-Humbug!!!  Had we known he'd be a future National Futurity winner, we wouldn't have expected him to make a fool of himself in the hat!!

Spoiled and loved by John, Teesie, Meghan, Shawn and Michael Bonk of Hockessin, DE.
 Favorite Photos - Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | Tribute Page  
Pup-ographies 1 | 2  | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | Gallery Page 
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