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Katja & Spec 2004:   The "Out Of This World" Litter

Alert From Whelping Crater One, 4/13/04:
The mothership has landed, and 10 little rovers have been deployed!
Two small steps...
"That's One Small
Step For A Man,
One Giant Leap For
Man's Best Friend.

See also the Latest Crew News
and Mission Briefings
, and
current Telemetry Photos.
Welping Crater One

Litter Chart
Rover Specifications:

4 Males - 1 solid liver, 3 liver, white & ticked.
(these are "Mariner," "Atlantis," "Apollo," and "Viking")

6 Bitches - 4 solid liver, 2 liver, white & ticked.
(these are "Cassini," "Spirit," "Aurora," "Faith," "Gemini," and "Liberty")

NASA Do those names sound familiar? Each has a rich history in NASA's exploration of our solar system. We know that just like their namesakes, this new crew will soon be orbiting the show rings of Saturn, probing unexplored places, and detecting the faintest traces of life with their highly developed sensors. The skill, courage, and thirst for adventure that has driven mankind to reach beyond the earth (humanity's own little whelping box), reminds us of the Shorthair's irrepressible drive, loyalty, and hunting talent. The naming theme for this litter is our little tribute to the men and women that have contributed to NASA's historic efforts, and is recognition that each of these pups will bring passion, adventure, companionship, and great pride to each of their new homes. Now, read more about the Rover Engineering Team:

Shomberg's Katja Bthe Heartstrng   ("Katja")
(Ch. Shannon's Hearts Afire x Ch. Shomberg's Feather Duster)

bred to

Best In Show/ Best in Specialty Show
Ch. Sonnenschein's Causin A'Spectacle JH ("Spec")

(NSC BIS/BISS Ch. Lieblinghaus Chief Executive CD JH x
BIS/BISS Ch. Sonnenschein's Paisley Print "Paisley")
Katja and Spec 2004 puppies' pedigree.

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this litter's
Shomberg's Katja Bthe Heartstrng  "Katja"
Katja is: OFA-Good, CERF Normal, Thyroid Normal, OFA and Cardiac Doppler Normal and Clear
Katja is an extremely affectionate and totally devoted member of our family. Her previous litter (the Classic Sports Cars theme) can be seen here. Two of her offspring from that litter are close to their AKC championship titles with one ("Sadie") having her Junior Hunter title and now undergoing training in preparation for her Master Hunter title as well. "Bugatti" is the other and he can be seen on our website as well.

"Donner," a solid liver male will hopefully soon be getting his introduction to the show ring in pursuit of an AKC title later this spring. These and the other youngsters from that litter have all become wonderful family members and are loved by children and adults alike.

Katja has a 4-point major specialty win to her credit and we are considering completion of her championship title though she has already proven that her most valuable contribution to date has been to our family and to her breed in the puppies she has produced. She is a full sister to Ch. Shomberg's Browning Citori and an exceptional dog in her own right. She is sweet, loyal, smart and structurally well balanced and sound. She has all of the traits so desirable in this breed and we are fortunate to have the opportunity to enjoy yet another outstanding litter from her breeding to "Spec."
Spec is: OFA-Good , CERF Normal, Thyroid Normal, OFA Cardiac Clear and Normal
"Spec" is an outstanding representative of our breed and just one example of the depth of quality in the Sonnenschein breeding program developed by Barb Booher of Ohio. We have know this dog since he was a very small pup and he has always displayed an exceptional temperament and an overwhelming desire to please his owner and handler, Dan Mack of CA. Barb in breeding him and Dan in handling him have always worked tirelessly to allow this dog to have every opportunity to develop into the wonderful dog that he is.
Spec has an exceptional personality as well as lovely conformation that allows him to compete in the show ring as well as the field where he excels.

He is a Best In Show winner as well as a multiple Best In Specialty Show winner. Intelligent and always willing to please, his credentials and accomplishments easily bear out his representation of "the best the GSP world has to offer." With two other litters now on the ground and winning, this dog is proving that he has the ability to produce lovely puppies that are as multi-talented as he is. Our sincere hope is that he has brought to this breeding all of the great characteristics that will compliment Katja's and, in doing so, we'll have incredible puppies to offer this breed.
Puppies will be placed in exceptional homes where they will be loved and valued. We welcome inquiries, but request that all interested parties first read through the pages outlining our puppy placement practices and philosophy. Priority will be given to those who will provide the many opportunities for them to excel and achieve their full potential. And as always -- they are to be "family members" first and foremost.

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