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Ch. Shomberg's Wrapped In Sable
Sadie & Shain 2008
Jazz - 3 Weeks
Jazz - 5-1/2 Weeks
Jazz - 5-1/2 Weeks
Our beautiful Sadie presented us, and her owners, Bill, Angela and Henry Anderson of South Dakota, with a beautiful solid liver puppy on January 29, 2008. And, while we are all saddened that we weren't blessed to have more, we are also very thankful that Sadie and baby are thriving.

Ch. Shomberg's Pride 'O Dakota JH   ("Sadie")
(Ch. Snowy River Piece 'O The Rock x Shomberg's Katja Bthe Heartstring)
2006 GSPCA Show Sire Of The Year
Ch. Wyndbourne Endeavour JH NRD  ("Shain")
(Ch. Wyndbourne's Celebration CDX CGC NA x 
NSC/BIS/Ch. Wyndbourne's Keepsake CD HOF) 

"Sadie"  X "Shain"
Hips - OFA Good
Cardiac Doppler Clear/Normal (Specialist)
CERF Clear
Thyroid Normal

Cardiac - OFA Clear
Hips - OFA Good
CD (Cone Degeneration) - Clear
CERF - Normal
Thyroid - OFA Normal
VWD Normal


Sadie is a lovely, sound and structurally correct Specialty winning shorthair bitch who was born and raised here at Shomberg. She enjoys life on the beautiful plains of South Dakota with her family, the Andersons, where she has a loving family and thousands of acres of wild pheasants to hunt in abundance at will. And she does so with great skill and a deep sense of natural instinctive ability that she has owned from her puppyhood.

She shares her life with young Henry who is now almost 2 years and she takes her job of companionship and guardianship very seriously; always gentle and affectionate while tolerating the rambunctiousness of an active toddler. Sadie is a loving and devoted member of the Anderson family and we have no doubt that her puppies will share her love of life and her vibrant personality. Deciding to breed her was a choice to share her wonderful qualities with other families and allow her to leave an imprint on the breed that she represents so admirably. Sadie will live here with us until the litter is born and raised, so that I can hand-raise the puppies as I do with each and every Shomberg puppy. 

In choosing Shain for Sadie we have done so with the most careful considerations for personality and the un-matched temperament traits we feel are so necessary in the breeding of any GSP. These traits will surely compliment the outstanding conformation and structure we've come to develop over many years of conscientious breeding here at Shomberg. We are proud of Sadie and her accomplishments and have no doubt that others will benefit from her lovely puppies.

We appreciate and thank Sue Harrison of Wyndbourne GSPs for agreeing to allow us to once again bring her beloved Shain and his historical bloodlines into our own. This GSPCA 2006 Show Sire Of The Year continues to bring outstanding qualities to his puppies in every litter produced and we are thrilled at the prospect of the puppies from this combination. Shain has 52 Champions to date, a Dual in the making with his Championship finished and 4 points in the field, 4 top 25 get this year, GSPCA show sire of the year for 2005 and 2006. 

We are excited as we await this breeding which will bring exquisite and beautiful little "goodwill ambassadors" into our Shomberg family yet again. 

"We are thankful for every day with Sadie. When she was younger I remember sitting on the sofa with her on my lap, being thankful that she was ours and, as importantly, knowing that she won’t be with us forever. We try to live every day with her as though it could be any of our last days. She is a loyal friend, a remarkable hunting companion, and a sweet and enthusiastic welcome home to us every day. We’re blessed to be her home and we’re so excited that a piece of her will be with us with our next generation of Shomberg puppies." 
                                         ~ The Andersons

Puppies will be placed in exceptional homes where they will be loved and valued. We welcome inquiries, but request that all interested parties first read through the pages outlining our puppy placement practices and philosophy. Priority will be given to those who will provide the many opportunities for them to excel and achieve their full potential. And as always -- they are to be "family members" first and foremost.

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