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Pup-ographies - Where Are They Now?
These are pictures of some of our puppies in their new homes.
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Apollo at the beach
Apollo visits Bethany beach
with his new family, 
Krissy & Jason Van Sice.
Apollo with new baby, Ethan
Apollo welcomes new "brother", Ethan, on his homecoming from the hopspital. Now doubt these two will have an inseparable bond in the years ahead. It surely can be said that this photo speaks volumes for a GSPs devotion and the deep bond they share with their family and new little arrivals as they join the family circle.
Grady and Zeke
6/14/2006 - "Zeke" (a Buck Hollow GSP youngster) 
and "Grady" (a Shomberg boy) Eckenrode 
are enjoying a new life as "brothers" 
under the loving care of 
Paul & Lindsey Eckenrode in western PA. 
We are most grateful for wonderful 
and devoted owners who give 
our dogs such loving homes.
Grady getting a hug
"Grady" (previously Viking from the 
"Out Of This World" litter.
Grady dressed up
Viking, who is now "Grady,"
is owned by the Cool family of MD. 
June 2004 - "Gemini" now called "Regan."  
AKC - Shomberg's Third Constellation.  
Previously owned and loved 
by Cynthia & Glen Cardelino of MD.  
Regan now resides with her cousin Saga, 
and Matt & Mary Laur of MD.
Regan, in her first home (known then as "Raisin"), 
stops playing long enough for a photo.

"Anne Rankowitz of NC, with "Liberty"
(aka "Libby" and  Shomberg's Belle of the Sea).
"Libby" Shomberg's Belle of the Sea
"Libby" poses for the camera 7/04
Libby and Woody
"Libby" with Woody. 7/04
"Libby" helps dad assemble the new grill. 7/04
John & Ann Marie Tierney with "Faith,"
Shomberg's Celestial DeLivery. 
Shomberg's Celestial DeLivery, aka "Faith," 
from the Out Of This World litter. 
She is owned by 
John & Ann Marie Tierney of NY.
Niki & Dieter Vogel with "Cassini."
Shomberg's T Minus Ten 'N Counting 
also known as "Spirit." 
She is resting on the hearth 
and likley preparing to launch!
Spirit is owned and loved 
by Marna Johnson of CT.
August 2004.
(Shomberg's T Minus Ten 'N Counting), 
with owner Marna Johnson.
(Shomberg's T Minus Ten 'N Counting)
with some of her admirers. Spirit is
owned and loved by Marna Johnson
of CT. Typically puppies are well
known to be real "chick magnets"
for college age guys but it would
seem she has a bit of magnetization
of her own!
Spirit Jamming It Up
Spirit having fun.
Spirit Toy Time
Spirit toy time.

Shomberg's T Minus Ten 'N Counting "Spirit"
practicing her stick retrieve over the jump bar.

Carole & Phil Blechschmidt of NJ with "Atlantis" Shomberg's All Systems Go.  Atlantis is now called Colby.
Some photos of "Atlantis," who is now
Colby. He is "Shomberg's All Systems Go"
and is loved and owned by Phil
and Carole Blechschmidt of NJ.
His big brother (not really) and buddy,
is Cooper, bred by Dave & Kathy Gilliam
of GDR Kennels.
Colby Sleeping
Colby sleeping.

 Favorite Photos - Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4  | 5 
Pup-ographies  1
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