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Pup-ographies - Where Are They Now?
These are pictures of some of our puppies in their new homes.
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"In loving memory of David Triunfol. Your sweet Bebel and all of us miss you so much. Be well, be happy and wait for those who cared for you in this life 
until we all meet again."
Your dearest Marcia, Bebel and Moby -- and friends, Steve and Sharon.
"Triscuit" in her new home with David & Marcia Triunfol, of Washington, DC. Triscuit's new name is "Bebel." 
Marcia and Bebel.
"I keep trying to cross my legs like Mom but I can't seem to get the hang of it."
Marcia and Bebel on the couch napping.
"Mom and I like hang out on the couch and sometimes we even .....(ya-a-a-awn) take naps together too."
"Oh, I see."
"Hey Mom, watcha doin' in my crate ? I thought that was where *I* was supposed to sleep !"
"Hey, this isn't so bad."
"Well, playin' with mom and dad just wears me down and I hafta catch up on my beauty sleep here in my crate. Whatta "pad" !!! "
Bebel with a toy.
"Now....am I not about the cutest pup you've ever seen ??"
Bebel and Marcia at the park.
"This is me and my Mom. Her name is Marcia and she loves me sooo much".
Bebel and Marcia
"Okay, Mom, now we have picnics and faces get messy so I hafta clean you up. Laughing only makes me try harder to get every speck of food off your cheeks."
Bebel playing tug-o-war
Mid-Atlantic Rescue Get-Together found many new rescue dogs and their families enjoying an afternoon of fun and sharing stories while the dogs played...and played. 

David & Marcia's "Bebel"
(from our 2001 litter) joins in a tug-o-war with 2 new found friends and as always, she is center stage!
Bebel now shares her home with David & Marcia's rescue boy, "Moby" and they have become inseparable companions. 

Toni holding Sky
"Sesame" in her new home with Toni Demaine, of Virginia.  Sesame is now called "Skye."
Skye at the park.
"Mom takes me walking every day and we visit the park. I just love to watch the activity by the waterfront. Naturally everyone who sees me wants to make over me and love me. It's a cross that I must bear.......being so beoootiful!! Everyone just wants to touch me so, I oblige. Mom just says I'm terribly "spoiled." Ya think so??"
"Hello there. My name was Sesame when I was just a baby but my new mom, Toni, has changed my name to "Skye." It has a sort of etherial sound to it.....don't you think? I live in VA now and travel to NYC occasionally with my mom and we visit the grandchildren who love me to pieces."
"Skye wears mom's t-shirt and looks every part the "princess" that she knows she is."  Skye owns Toni DeMaine of VA.
Skye playing ping-pong.
Skye with her "brother" Kent playing ping-pong, "hey.....my serve !!" Did we mention that this breed is very versatile??

"Colby" (now called Woody) in his home with his new family in Charlotte, NC.
 Colby - - now "Woody" relaxes in his new home in North Carolina, where he is loved by his new "kids."
Woody with Matt
 "Here I am with my new "dad." I have many new dog friends to play with and I love livin' life here in the 'Ol South, where things are easy and relaxed. You'd never suspect that I'm originally a Yankee, would ya?"
Woody about to run down into his woods.
Woody (was Colby) sitting proudly in front of his "English Garden."
 (aka, Colby) 2003.
Woody and Libby
Woody & Libby with family. 

Grant and Ali.
"Ali" ( aka, "Butter") who is owned by Sid & Debbie Steelman and family. She is shown with Grant, who has aspirations of becoming a show handler and is working with Ali to achieve this goal.
"Wheat" at her new home with Janet, Kyle, Taylor, and Caitlin Simpson, of Virginia. Wheat's new name is "Sadie." 
Sadie in the dryer.

"Well........don't laugh !! I found out this thing they call a clothes dryer can be real warm on a chilly day. Ya just hafta climb into the darn thing before it cools down and mom sees ya."
Sadie and Caitlin
"Sadie" and Caitlin.
"Here ah yam just lyin' around with my new "kid", Caitlin. Ya might remember that she drew that nice set of pictures for the website and she draws real good. She and me are just the best of friends and ah love hangin' out with 'er. "
Sadie and Suellen.
"Sadie" and "Suellen."
"Here I yam with ma new buddy, Suellen. She's one a them big 'ol black'n tan coon hounds but ah don't say nuthin' cuz she puts up with me and I can be a real pistol when ah get goin' ".
Taylor and Sadie.
"Sadie" and Taylor.
"All ya hafta do to entertain Taylor is hold a sock in yer mouth. She thinks I'm really funny and ah love ta make her laugh".
"Sadie (formerly Wheat) sits in mom's bathtub waiting for her beauty regimen, though she knows it really isn't too necessary. Janet-Wright Simpson of VA handles the beauty and bathing rituals for Sadie."

"Cole" (Shomberg's Mochacinno) 
enjoys his private lake in MA with owners David and Beth Cohen. 
"Cole" (Shomberg's Mochacinno)
 isn't at all shy when it comes to water sports. He enjoys it often with his entire family, the Cohens of MA.
"Cole" (Shomberg's Mochacinno)
 loves to swim and does it often when weather permits. He is owned, enjoyed, dearly loved and as you can see, spoiled,  by David and Beth Cohen of MA.

Ashlyn and Crayola
The Princesses hope that everyone 
had a Happy Halloween. Who says 
that dogs don't get involved in holidays fun!
Ashlyn and Crayola Craig are seen here prior to trick or treating. 

See more pictures of Crayola here
 and search the "Shomberg News" page to read more about her. 
Ashlyn and Crayola
Ashlyn and Crayola Craig
Halloween 2005.
"Ritz" is home with Tina Craig of Virginia. She's now called "Crayola."
 Crayola doing yardwork.
 "Well, I try to get in as much yardwork as I can and do my part around the place.
Aside from retrieving golf balls for ma dad, Bill, this is one of my very favorite pastimes. Aaahhhh.......it's a dog's life!!!"
Crayola stalking the cat.
 "In my other life I was known as Ritz but my new mom and dad, Tina and Bill, named me "Crayola." Guess it must be cause I'm so "colorful" in real life!!
I just love to stalk the cat but I don't think she likes it too awful much. Ya know, we dogs hafta keep these cats in their place and I like to think it's my job and it's waaay too much fun."
Saga on a 25 yard point!
Saga and Regan
Visions of pheasant plumes 
danced in their heads.  
Saga & Regan Christmas 2006.
Ms. Regan watches for Mr. Right as she wears those eye-catching pants that just shout for a look from a handsome fella.  Regan lives with Saga, Mary & Matt Laur, of Maryland.
 Regan and the azalea tree.
Regan in S. VA on an icy day 
Jan. 2007
Regan, undaunted by the ice storm 
in S. VA Jan. 2007
Regan on point 
at McKee-Beshers, MD., 2007.
Saga covering ground at McKee-Beshers, MD., 2007.
"Romano" at his new home with Matt and Mary Laur, of Maryland, 2001.  Romano's new name is "Saga."
Saga pointing.
"Ya hafta check out every inch of brush when yer lookin' for varmints."
Saga's rock.
"Ta-ta-ta-ta-da-da !!! I am really "Captain Saga" but as you see I am in my regular attire as I look over the city from my big rock. Clark Kent has nothing on me !!!! "
Is it .....?  Why yes, it is!  It's Captain Saga!
"Is it ..............?? Why yes, it is !! It's "Captain Saga"......defender of territory, lover of biscuits, cleaner of faces and King of the dog park."
Mary and Saga
Mary with Saga at age 2-1/2 years.
"Tory" ( Shomberg N Partrdge Run Ms. Scarlet / from the Hollywood litter and she was named "Leigh" then) owned, loved and spoiled by Nita Matula and Ron Berkheimer of PA.
"Tory" hiding in the leaves.

Ron and Tory.
"Tory" with Ron out for a 
day in the field and woods.

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Pup-ographies 1
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