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Pup-ographies - Where Are They Now?
These are pictures of some of our puppies in their new homes.
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Winston and family
"Winston" and his family,
Christina & Lee Winston,
live in TN. Winston has
2 other shorthair "sisters"
and an assortment of other
animals in his new home.
"Winston" in 2004.
"Winston" in 2007.
Shomberg's Seneca War Chant JH CDX 
(aka, "Winston")
(Ch. Scattergun 'N Shannon's Firekeeper 

Ch. Shomberg 'N Partridge Run Dark Duet).

Jerry Marciano, of NJ,
holding new pup, "Huron."
Jerry is pictured with
daughters - Alysia and Deana.

Kiowa - now Griffon
Chris Meares of Maryland
with "Kiowa" (now "Griffon").

Pawnee - now Maggie
John & Ben Hoover of PA
with "Pawnee" (now "Maggie").
Shomberg's Pawnee Love Song

Marcy Allen of Illinois
with "Shoshone."
Shoshone is now:
Shomberg's Courage of Wind River
Marcy and Shonie
"Shonie" and her ma in the crate.
Shonie on the deck
Shonie on the rug
Shonie in the sun
"Shonie's" favorite hangout.
Shonie in the yard
Shonie on the pillow
Atsina, now Hopi
"Atsina" who is now "Hopi" and
her owner Pluis Davern, of CA.
Pluis and Hopi
Proud mom, Pluis, and "Hopi" pictured here
with her birds on her first day hunting.
Her name is:
Shomberg's Sundownr Dreamcatcher, aka, "Hopi"
(Ch. Scattergun N Shannon Firekeeper
x Ch. Shomberg N Partrdge Run Dark Duet)
Handled, trained and loved immeasurably
by Pluis Davern of CA.
"Not bad for her first day out hunting!"

Iriquois - now Rudi
Bob Mahrt of Illinois
with "Iriquois" (now "Rudi").

Sharon with Cherokee
Sharon with ("Annika")
Shomberg's No Reservations,
her choice
from the "Indian" litter.
"Am I having fun, or what?"
Shomberg's No Reservations, "Penny" 
(formerly "Annika" from the "Indian" litter) 
in her new home with Bill & Leslie Dow.
"Not to worry, I'm on patrol in MY yard."

Shomberg's No Reservations, "Penny"

Navajo - now Cooper
Carl & Kahla Ennis of Virginia
with "Navajo" (now "Cooper").
Cooper in the pool
"Cooper" in his pool. June 2003.
"Cooper" w/ his Corona
enjoying the pool.
Shomberg's Showdown At High Noon
("Cooper") owned by
Carl & Kahla Ennis of VA.

 Favorite Photos - Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4  | 5 
Pup-ographies 1
| 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | Tribute Page | Gallery Page 
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